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The Escape Plan

On November 22, 2016 I placed an order with Escape Trailer Industries for a 21 foot 5th wheel tandem axle travel trailer, the Escape 5.0TA.  This fiberglass molded steel frame trailer is lightweight, water tight, agile, roomy, and stylish. I’ll provide more detail about this trailer in another post, but here are a few reasons I chose this style trailer over all the others on the market:

  • The fiberglass construction is light weight so it does not require a heavy duty truck to tow and it’s fully molded exterior keeps you snug and dry inside.
  • It’s small enough for me to handle on my own, but large enough to be comfortable for extended stays and to welcome guests.
  • The 5th wheel configuration offers greater maneuverability and an easier tow than a bumper pull trailer.
  • The steel frame is strong and unlike wood constructed frames, resists insect invasions & moisture rot.
  • Escape Trailer Industries is a small family owned company that produce an exceptional product and offer top notch service.
  • Escape Trailers have an excellent reputation for reliability, they last for years, and they hold their value.

Since these trailers are only sold direct from the factory in Chilliwack, British Columbia it is not possible to view one at your local dealer. Escape Trailer Industries turned this to their advantage by tapping into their customer base. Escape trailer owners are so proud of their trailer and so happy with the product that most are willing to show a prospective customer their rig and talk to them about the trailer and their experience with Escape Trailer Industries. I was able to view two models of this trailer before making the final decision by contacting owners who live in my area. Both Escape owners were generous with their time and very open and informative about their experience with this trailer. Happy customers are indeed the best sales force you could ask for and a quality product sells itself!

In addition to speaking to local owners, I spent time on two online forums where Escape trailer owners share experiences, information, and guidance: The Escape Trailer Forum  and the Fiberglass RV Forum 

The folks at the Escape Trailer Forum in particular were a tremendous help during the decision making process and continue to help to educate me regarding travel trailers in general and this trailer specifically. (Did you know that fiberglass molded trailers are affectionately referred to as Eggs since they are usually white and  molded in two pieces, a top and a bottom, and then sealed in the middle forming the “shell” of the egg!)  The forum has many participating veteran Escape trailer owners who are available to share their knowledge and expertise with newbies. Having this team of experts ready with answers to my questions has given me tremendous confidence and I’m glad to know they will be there once I’m on the road! The forum is also a place of community to connect with like-minded travelers and to share information about travel itineraries, campgrounds, and route planning as well as addressing technical issues, problem solving, and custom modifications.

The only down side to choosing this trailer is the long lead time for production. Since each trailer is made to order with a great deal of attention to detail and customization, you must be willing to wait for your egg to hatch. At the time I placed my order, the lead time was nearly a year. The company has expanded their production capabilities over the past few months and my production date has been moved up a few months and is now September 22, 2017.

So now I’m in the home stretch. In just a few short weeks, I will head out in my big red truck on a cross country journey to pick up my Escape 5.0TA “Wild Thing” and then……


Stay Tuned. Coming up soon I’ll share:

  • Why a travel trailer?
  • Are you really going all by yourself …alone?
  • My Travel Trailer Hope Chest
  • My Itinerary
  • Details about “Wild Thing”
  • The 2017 Escape Trailer Rally in Osoyoos, BC
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