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Celebrating on Cape Cod

Today is the longest day of the year.

The Summer Solstice.

My sister’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Jean! I’m so happy to be able to spend a few days with you and to celebrate your birthday here in Provincetown, MA.




We  are staying at your daughter Katie’s “Secret Cottage” and it is such a beautiful space with easy access to all this beautiful area has to offer.

Katie’s Cottage

Welcome to Katie’s Cottage










The weather today is bright and sunny and I enjoyed an early morning walk down beautiful residential streets lush with a profusion of gorgeous flowers.




I wound my way down to MacMillan Pier and enjoyed some of the iconic sights of PTown.

MacMillan Pier







“They Also Faced the Sea”


The women pictured on this building are an art installation called “They Also Faced The Sea”.  This installation was designed by by Ewa Nogiec, artist, publisher and gallery owner , and Norma Holt, photographer.  to keep the spirit and the presence of Portuguese culture alive in Provincetown.  Read more about this art installation here.



Along my walk  I ran into a few “Salty” types!

Lobster Men with their morning Catch!

There be Pirates!










And enjoyed the local color.

Beach access for everyone.

The Cod of the Cape!

Having a whale of a time!

Have a Seat!



Well, I’m off to enjoy some family time, and enjoy the beauty around me. I’ll post more photos as the adventure unfolds!

93 days until I pick up Wild Thing!



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