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Bump in the Road

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised that Massachusetts is persnickety about registering Wild Thing. I was able to get insurance without a problem, but the RMV will not issue title or registration until Wild Thing has completed importation and crossed the border into the USA. I only had to wait 2 hours at the RMV for this news. So I’ll have to make adjustments and move on to plan B. I’ll drive out as planned and on Friday the 22nd when Wild Thing crosses the Border I will scoot to a UPS store and overnight the duely stamped final documents to my DH who has graciously agreed to take them down to the RMV and complete the registration for me, then overnight the license plates back to me in Washington State. It means I will have to pay extra for a temporary travel permit in Washington State for the trailer, and I’ll need to adjust my return dates. I’ll stay an extra day in Washington state, and give up and give up one day at Merry Widow Health Mine. I had anticipated such a delay so I’m not going to let it slow me down. “Make your plans but don’t plan on it” wins today. The good news is that I got a grear deal on a torque wrench at Harbor Freight! 5 days to go!

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