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Packing Up and Loading Up!

I’ve been busy today packing up and starting to load the truck. Since I’ll be sleeping in a different place almost every night as I cross the USA, I’m using a packing method that has served me well on past trips where I had multiple stops.

I’m packaging several sets of what I call “Fresh Dailies” consisting of a T-Shirt, Socks, and Undies in a ziploc bag. These are the bits of clothing that  I want clean every day. The rest of my attire can be worn a couple of days before I need fresh ones. I’ll can just grab one of these Fresh Daily bags when I get to the hotel, pop it into my overnight case, and I’m ready for the night. Easy Peasy! I’m also taking advantage of various sizes of soft sided packing cubes. I don’t want to give up valuable space to luggage!

I’m keeping clothing to a minimum. T-Shirts, Jeans, Yoga Pants, and a few long sleeve shirts for layering. Running Shoes, boots, a couple of sweaters and sweatshirts, a rain coat, jacket, hat and gloves and I should be ready for most anything. I anticipate cool mild weather for the next month along this route. Hopefully no snow!


I’ve also started loading the truck with the goodies I’ve collected for Wild Thing over the past 10 months. Outfitting a travel trailer is much like outfitting a new home!  I’ll give you a glimpse into what I’m bringing for  Wild Thing in the next post.

The hardest part of packing for me was deciding what art supplies to bring and what to leave home! Although this will be a relatively short trip, I’m trying to pack as if I’ll be gone for months so I can make adjustments before I leave for the winter. I have such broad and varied artistic interests and each one requires “stuff”.  This trip I’m focusing on my painting supplies and then I’ll see how much storage room I have for quilting, doll making, and knitting supplies for the winter trip.

I need room in the bed of the truck for the hitch to be installed, so after my “test loading” today I decided it would make things easier if I rented a storage locker in Sumas WA at the border crossing where I can leave the bulk of the items  while I go into Chilliwack BC to get the hitch installed and finalize the trailer. When I come back across the border in Sumas and take possession of the trailer, I can retrieve all my goodies and set up my tiny house! The rental for the storage locker was $37.00 and I think it will make the logistics quite a bit easier. I’ll have plenty of room for the hitch to be installed and I don’t have to worry about having customs agents opening all the bins at the border plus because I don’t have to be so concerned with space in the bed of the truck,  I can bring more art supplies!

Only 3 more days until I leave. I’ve been told that tomorrow I should receive the long awaited photos of Wild Thing in production. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight! I have been so focused on all the practical details lately that I’ve scarcely had time to dream about the adventure! Soon all the work and preparations will be done and I’ll be on the open road. I’m so glad you are along for the ride!

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