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Eating up the Miles and Making Adjustments

I was off to another early start today and headed down the backside of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, hugging the coastline. I had been driving for two hours before the sun came fully up over the water and revealed a beautiful landscape!

Sunrise Upper Peninsula MI

There has been a bit of low lying fog on most early morning and today was no exception. The close proximity to water coupled with cool temperatures generates a bit of wispy cloud cover near the ground.  I traveled on two lane state roads from St. Ignace on US Rte 2, then Rte 41, and Rte 35 through Isabella, Rapid River, Escanaba, and crossed into Wisconsin at Marinette.  At Little Suamico the road turned west away from the shore and Rte 29 took me through Shawano, Tilleda, up to Wausau.  I took some county roads to see a bit of the landscape. The roads were deserted so I pulled over to take some pictures. I couldn’t resist this one of dead-head sunflowers as far as the eye could see. They must be stunning in full bloom!





I took the previous photos with my cell phone but when I saw a large bird circling overhead I knew it was time to stop and get out the Nikon. I walked out into a farmers field and found these three Sand Hill Cranes eating grain and no doubt getting ready for their migratory flight south. I couldn’t get very close and it was still pretty foggy but I managed to snap a couple of shots with my 300mm lens before they took flight. I wonder if they were the same ones I saw in White Water Draw, Arizona in February of this year? It’s fun to think so!

Sand Hill Cranes eating in Wisconsin


Sand Hill Cranes Take Flight Wisconsin

The coastline and towering pines gave way to open farmland, rolling hills, and lush farmland.

This funny girl was off by herself surrounded by Cow Birds!


The barn with the Blue Roof caught my eye and I had to stop to get a photo. I love that the barn roof is the same color as the sky!


I saw several barns with traditional Quilt Squares painted on the side. After searching Google I learned that this is a project initiated and coordinated by Jim Leuenberger to document and preserve the quilting tradition. A driving tour is available but I was fortunate to just stumble on several of these beautiful barns as I made my way across the state! If you would like to know more about the Wisconsin Barn Quilt Tour, click here.

The leaves were starting to turn in some areas and with the sound of Canadian Geese in the air it’s easy to see that fall is on the way.

Fall Color in Wisconsin

Canadian Geese Early Morning Wisconsin Farm

My plan was to end the day in Eau Claire, WI. but unfortunately, road construction was completely blocking all the entrances to the hotel I had reserved. After talking to the hotel manager, I canceled that reservation and decided to drive a bit further.  I ate a late lunch, took a break, then head down the road another 120 miles to Rogers MN. This put St. Paul and Minneapolis in my rear view mirror so tomorrow if I want to get a late start I won’t have to worry about morning commuter traffic.


Today’s Driving Stats:

  • Distance 550 miles
  • Average MPG 20.5
  • Average MPH 56
  • Driving Time: 09:48

Total Trip Stats so far:

  • Distance 1520 miles
  • Driving Time: 25:36

I felt good today. I wore the Leggs support hose I purchased on my  Walmart excursion the day before yesterday and that seemed to resolve the leg pain I had been experiencing. What a relief!

I have crossed a time zone so I gained an hour today.  I’m hoping to sleep past 4:30 am tomorrow and take advantage of that extra hour, but we’ll see.  I guess I’m just still too excited to sleep with only 8 more days until Wild Thing is hitched to my wagon!

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  1. Mary DeToma #

    Sounds like you are having a blast…I am jealous!!! Keep the reports coming, I look forward to them every night when I finally sit down. Love you!!❤️❤️

    September 14, 2017
    • Sarah #

      Love you too! I’m having a great time and I’ll keep the updates coming. xxxooo Sis

      September 14, 2017
  2. Lucy #

    Love all you photos! Especially the cranes!
    Keep having fun!!

    September 14, 2017
  3. Jean Ledoux #

    Enjoying the ride with you! Love the barn quilts!

    September 16, 2017
    • Sarah #

      Made my fingers itch for a needle!

      September 17, 2017

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