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Quiet Day Driving

It’s been a quiet day today. I was tired last night and fell asleep early, 9 p.m., so I woke up early, 5:30 a.m.! I took my time getting going but was still on the road by 7:30 and left South Dakota behind. I’m parked at the Walmart Supercenter in Waverly, Iowa after driving 290 miles. I turn the corner today off Interstate 90 East and am now heading south to dip down around Chicago. Once I got Wild Thing settled, I did a little shopping at Walmart. I restocked some groceries and also got a new sewer hose. The one that came with the camper was pretty flimsy so I replaced it with the Rhino brand which is a bit more substantial. There are some things you don’t mind spending a little money on and a sewer hose is one of them! The parking lot here is pretty uneven and I used my Anderson levelers to level the trailer side to side but I’m still sloped a bit front to back. I hope I don’t roll out of bed tonight! I’m still feeling tired (must be the full moon!) and I’m glad to stop early and have a quiet evening. I drove through Minnesota today before entering Iowa so three states is enough for one day! I entered the central time zone yesterday so I’m just an hour behind home. DH and I talk everyday and being on the same time makes it easier. I’m going to have an early supper and spend the evening reading and resting.

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  1. pat b. #

    Goodnight Sarah. What an experience!

    October 5, 2017
  2. Cheryl Cohen #

    Glad you are taking it easy! We just got back from our trip and we are wiped out, but it’s nice to be home. I’ll call soon so we can catch up!

    October 6, 2017
    • Sarah #

      Glad you’re home safe and can’t wait to hear all about it!

      October 6, 2017
  3. Marta Heggie #

    Think we passed you on Wednesday morning about 10:30 as we were ‘ on the look out’ for Wild Thing!
    You are really rolling through the states! We understand what u mean when u say time to stop and get some rest. We tented( yes, tented) for 5 nights; however, due to high wind and blowing dust we stopped last night at Best Western at Ritzville, Washington. Off to a Bavarian village (Leavenworth) for the weekend!
    Travel safe, Marta

    October 7, 2017
    • Sarah #

      Wow! you are a brave soul! Almost there now! Safe travels!

      October 7, 2017

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