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Another Rainy Day, Quilting with Dexter, Friday Potluck Dinner

The rain has persisted all day so Dexter and I stayed in curled up in the lounge area working on the camper quilt. When he did need to go out he got pretty muddy but luckily there was about a quarter of an inch of rain collected on the top of our picnic table and I was able to take advantage of it to give him a quick rinse off before heading back into the camper. Just one of the many advantages to having a small lowrider dog! Potluck dinner at the clubhouse was lasagna, so I made lemon bars to share. I’m full and sleepy, and hoping the sun comes out tomorrow!

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  1. Joan Shriver #

    Are you in AZ or NM? Our family in Apache Junction, AZ said they got 1 day of rain and it’s chilly. Kind of unusual for Feb, isn’t it? We’ve been warm in KS, but that’s over now. Back to brrr. Our middle grandson was diagnosed with the flu today. Fever 103 in the AM. Hope the rest of us (6) don’t get it!

    February 16, 2018
    • Sarah #

      I’m in NM but just a couple of miles from the AZ border. I’m quite a bit south of Apache Junction, just about an hour from Mexico. It was in the low 50’s today. definitely unusual. Hope your grandson gets well soon !

      February 16, 2018

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