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Steve’s Last Day…

The past two weeks have really flown and it’s hard to believe that Steve’s vacation time has come to an end. Today was his last day and we spent most of it with a realtor in Tubac looking at properties. We’re not ready to move just yet, but enjoy gathering information for the future. We looked at one place that would have combined our residence with the business operation and although that particular property was less than ideal, it is an interesting idea! We’re looking at many options for the future and only time will tell how it will all play out. We could keep the business and move it, run it remotely, sell the business, or morph it into another. We have time to consider a wide variety of different options and are having fun dreaming and gathering information. We’re looking forward to a nice meal here at De Anza this evening and maybe kicking up her heels one last time on the dance floor!

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