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Resting, Recuperating, and Antibiotics

This sinus infection has really taken it’s toll on me today. I sewed a bit this morning but soon found I was picking out more stitches than I was sewing so I put it away. The next step in this quilt is topstitching the curves and I’m afraid the stitching on my curves looked more than a bit wonky! I guess it will keep…


I lay down for a little rest after lunch and slept for 3 hours! I’m still feeling tired so I’ll keep listening to my body and continue to rest today.

This is a photo I snapped in the supermarket yesterday. I thought all the fresh and unusual fruits on display looked quite festive.

These are also pictures from a couple of days ago. I finally managed to get some snaps of the Gambel’s Quail by baiting them with some bird seed. they move so fast! Being quite shy, they scuttle about quickly jumping from one place of cover to another so it’s difficult to get them to stay in the open long enough for a photo.

Let’s hope the antibiotic is doing its job and I will have more energy tomorrow.


Camper TV Case, Go Baby Circles, Repair Complete!

I headed for the studio this morning to sew a storage bag for my camper TV. One of the luxury items in my beautiful new camper is a 24 inch Samsung Smart TV that attaches to the wall between the upper bedroom area and the entryway on a swivel arm, allowing me to view it from either the bed or the main cabin of the camper. When traveling, the TV is removed from the swivel bracket and stowed to prevent damage from bumpy roads. On the maiden voyage with Wild Thing, I didn’t have a good storage solution so I simply tucked it under the covers of the bed when traveling. I wanted a padded case but was unable to find what I wanted in the marketplace, so I decided to make one of my own. I used a drapery weight fabric for the exterior and lined the bag with a heavyweight muslin. I placed 1″ foam padding between the two layers to keep the TV well protected when storing it for travel. It’s not too fancy but is quite functional and I think it’s stylish!

Once the bag was completed I started cutting out circles to be used in my camper quilt. Using my AccuQuilt Go Baby and a 5-inch circle die I was able to cut out a stack of 100 circles in well under an hour, including fabric pressing time!

The AccuQuilt Go Baby is easy to use. I rough cut 5 1/2 inch squares of fabric and laid these, four layers thick, on top of the circle die, then covered it with the cutting mat. This sandwich was then fed into the machine as I turned the handle. The die cuts the fabric shape as it passes through the rollers in the center of the unit.

This handy little gadget saves so much time cutting out multiple fabric patches of the same size and shape and is especially useful for tricky shapes like circles.

I’ll base the raw edges of these patches under and use a template to starch them into the proper size and shape making them easy to hand applique on the quilt later.

Good news came late this afternoon when I received a phone call from Hazard Marine informing me that the repair on Wild Thing is complete! I’m thrilled they were able to accomplish the repair so quickly. Tomorrow morning I’ll get up early and drive to Webster, Ma to bring Wild Thing home before heading to Boston Logan Airport to pick up my son Glen in the afternoon.

I’m thrilled he’s going to be able to visit us for a few weeks before heading out for his winter job in Baja, Mexico. It’s such a gift that we will all have a chance to be together for Thanksgiving this year. Those occasions are becoming rarer now that the boys are adults and life is taking them in different directions. I’m happy to delay my winter departure in Wild Thing in favor of family time!