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Wild Thing Winter 2017 Trip Itinerary Rev. 2, the Texas Edition!


I’ve spent the afternoon adjusting my travel plans and Texas is now officially on the itinerary! I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends and visiting the resting place of my parents on this leg of the trip.

Here’s my updated itinerary:

Friday, November 24 Leave Dickson, TN and head West on I40 through Memphis and Little Rock. I have two potential Wal Marts picked out for an overnight stop, the first about 340 miles from here and the other one a bit further along at 390 miles from my current location. If the winds and traffic are with me I will push on to the latter one which will put me in closer proximity to Sequoyah State Park in Hulbert, OK. I have a reservation there for Saturday, November 25 – Tuesday, November 28 and I’m looking forward to spending a few days visiting with the Jones Family (my DH’s sister Jane, her husband Richard, and their 5 children). Maybe it will be warm enough for me to finally get this camper de-winterized!

Tuesday, November 28 I’ll drive to the North Texas Jellystone Park in Burleson, TX, just south of Fort Worth. I’ll hang out there Wed and Thursday so I can catch my brother John and his wife Tracy when they arrive Thursday evening to visit their daughter Robyn and her family. We will have a chance to share a meal and catch up a bit.

I’ll be back on the road Friday, December 1 heading for Kerrville, Texas. I have a nice spot reserved at the Kerrville-Shriner Park until Tuesday, December 5.  This stop will give me a chance to visit my parents’ graves in Fredericksburg, Texas, visit a high school friend Janice, and hopefully share a bit of time with my nephew Paul and his family. I’m also hoping to catch up with my friends Sandy and Don who live in the area.

Tuesday, December 5, I’ll hitch my wagon back up and head north. I should make it as far as Fort Stockton for a dry camping overnight in a WalMart parking lot before continuing on to Leasburg Dam State Park in Radium Springs, NM on December 6. I’ll spend the next few days touring the White Sands National Park and the area surrounding Las Cruces, NM.

Tucson is just a day drive from Las Cruces so I’ll head out on Saturday, December 9 unless something else catches my eye!

Truck Repair, Baking Bread, and Thanksgiving Celebration

This was definitely a diamond day and a busy one! I arrived at the auto shop when they opened at 8 AM to complete the State Inspection now that I had the new tires installed and as anticipated, the truck passed with no further issues. I discussed the problem with the tire pressure sensors and the good mechanics at Exxel Auto Service (a local repair shop and gas station) had the problem resolved within a half hour and charge me only $10.00! What a contrast to my experience yesterday! I was thrilled to have the truck back in full working order and to feel confident with the repair. Thank you Eddie and Bob at Exxcel!

My next stop was my art studio where I picked up the last few supplies, cleaned out the refrigerator, and generally tidied up. Since I will be away for an extended time, I wanted to leave things in order.

I was home by 11 and started working on food for our Thanksgiving Feast. My mother was a bread maker and nothing speaks to my heart of home, holidays, and family like homemade bread. It never fails to amaze me how 7 simple ingredients: water, yeast, salt, sugar, oil, flour and eggs, can be so easily transformed into such a delight.

With the meal well underway, I had time for another task on my list, cleaning the beast! It has been raining, cold, and windy off and on for weeks, but today was sunny and the wind died down enough in the afternoon for me to get the truck washed. Another local business, Fitzy’s Car Wash, was just what I needed to get my big red truck ready for her next journey. With the Wild Thing looking so sparkling clean, I couldn’t leave the road grime on the truck!

I dropped a few more goodies off at the camper today. I found a small stick-on whiteboard that is designed to be used in lockers or other small spaces made by Post It. It’s just perfect for me to augment my checklists while traveling and will serve as a way to keep a shopping list. It sticks to a flat surface and I mounted it inside the passenger side closet door. There is a drawer just under this closet which is a handy place to keep the whiteboard marker! I’m using it right now to remind me what I need to do to de-winterize the camper.

I also packed a white noise maker in the camper today. I discovered how well this little device helps me sleep several years ago and wanted to keep enjoying the benefits while traveling in the camper. The white noise serves to block outside noise and the sound really does help me stay asleep. Dexter is also used to sleeping with this device and I think it will help him adjust to life on the road.

I’ve also added the Bed Lounger to my sleeping area. I will most likely use this backrest in the dining area when I have it set up as the bed as a support while reading, knitting, or working on the laptop, but may also find it useful for reading in bed. It is very supportive and holds it’s shape. It has good lumbar support which is necessary for me and the headrest and arms offer added support and comfort. I’m also bringing an electric blanket for those chilly nights. It’s not too thick so it won’t take up a lot of space when I need to store it but will keep me cozy during the trip south.

I was back home after my errands in plenty of time to finish up our Thanksgiving Dinner. We enjoyed the works: Harrington Ham and Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, brussel sprouts,  cranberry sauce, rolls, & gravy. Liz brought green bean casserole, wine, and dessert: a delicious apple crisp! It was such a wonderful evening. I am so thankful for my family and that we were able to share this time together.

I’m also thankful for my friends both old and new. I have been incredibly fortunate to meet the most fabulous people! I am very humbled and thankful for this amazing opportunity to travel. I am grateful for all of you who are following along with me. This crazy adventure and this blog are having an impact in the world far beyond what I imagined. I heard from a woman in India today, who has been a vendor for our business for several years, and she shared how reading about my adventures on the blog has inspired her to take her young children on a cross-country trip! It is my sincere hope that my blog will inspire you to follow your heart’s desire. Traveling the country isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we all have something in our hearts that we dream of doing. I encourage you to take just one small step in the direction of your dreams, and watch what opens up before you. I promise that you will be amazed at what you find!






Winterizing the Trailer 2.0 and Yarn Storage in the Camper

It has been very chilly the past few days. It was in the 20’s overnight and is forecast to be in the teens tonight. I checked on the camper today and found that there was some residual water in the lines around the water pump that had frozen solid. This was not what I had expected after performing the winterizing routine two days ago using the blow-out procedure. Clearly, the blowout did not remove all the water.  I needed to thaw the ice in the lines and then use the winterizing T valve to draw RV antifreeze through the lines to correct the problem. My DH brought over a blow dryer from the house and we used it to melt the ice. It was fortunate that I had the inverter option installed in Wild Thing which allowed me to use the onboard 120v outlets to power the blow dryer today since I don’t have access to external power while the trailer is in the storage facility. The inverter converts battery power to 120V, and my solar panel uses sunlight to charge the battery, what a great set up! I’d been running the furnace for a few hours before I discovered the ice in the lines so between the warmth in the trailer and the heat from the blow dryer the ice was melted in no time.

With the ice gone, I pumped RV antifreeze through the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, inside and outside shower and the toilet using the winterizing T-Valve and the water pump. Problem solved. Now there is no danger of ice in the lines, no matter how cold it gets. Brrr…I can’t wait to get to a warmer climate!

Before found the ice in the water lines, I had been doing a bit of packing and found a new use for the FoodSaver Ziploc Bags and handheld vacuum pump…I’m using them to store my yarn and knitting projects in neat little packages. Thanks Lucy for introducing me to this device!

7 more days until I’m back on the road!


Sorting, Stacking, and Packing

Today was cold and windy, a good day to stay inside and pack! I have been sorting and stacking, auditioning things to take with me. It’s looking like I may be on the road until late next summer so that is influencing what I’m packing.

Clothes are easy: Casual T-Shirts, a few flannel and chambray shirts, sweaters, jackets, knit pants, jeans, and a few shorts.  I’m bringing just a few dressy things for when my DH visits. I’m packing my clothes in the soft-sided cubes used in organizing clothing for suitcases. They are a great help with organization and because they are soft-sided, they will fit nicely in the overhead bins in the bedroom area and make good use of the space.

My dishes arrived from Corelle and I’m very happy with this set. They should wear well and are microwave safe. I opted for a set of 4 and added the medium sized lunch plates, the large soup bowls, and lids for the bowls so they can now double as storage containers! I now have everything I should need for the kitchen.

I am also all set with items for the pantry, bathroom, and bedroom. My trip home in Wild Thing helped me sort out the details of what I needed for those areas.

I have found two things to help me secure items in the bed of the truck. The first is a Covercraft Cargo Bar. This tension bar stretches across the bed of the truck and will help hold my cooler, the clam house, and Dexter’s exercise pen in place and keep them from rolling around.  I also ordered a Core Cargo Sports Bag cargo net that can hold small items in the truck bed. Hopefully, they will arrive before I leave!

Now I’m left with deciding what to bring for art and craft supplies and books. Books are one of my biggest joys in life. My house is filled with them and my camper will most likely be too! I do read some on Kindle and love to listen to novels on Audible, but I’m still happiest when surrounded by paper books. Most of the books I’m bringing are resources on knitting, painting, and writing, field guides, and travel guides.

My process for deciding which books to bring works like this: First I make a pile of all the books I wish I could bring and realize it’s at least twice as large as what will fit in the camper. Next, visit the pile over the course of several days slowly whittling it down to a manageable size. I will place the books I’ve removed from my original pile in a box that my DH can ship if I get desperate!

This process will be repeated for my knitting supplies, quilting supplies, and art supplies. I’m leaving in 8 days so I better get going’!



Researching, Routing, and Making Reservations for the Trip to Tucson

I’ve been on the computer all day researching, routing, and making reservations for my trip to Tucson, AZ. I’m planning 13 days, 2900 miles, and 46 hours of driving to get me there! The weather has turned cold here in Ashland, MA and it’s definitely time to head south. I’m so glad I winterized the camper yesterday since this morning the temperature was a very chilly 24 degrees. Our family Thanksgiving celebration will take place early, on Friday the 16th, and then Dexter and I will begin our trip South on Sunday, November 19th.

Here is my itinerary:

  • Day 1 Sunday, November 19
  • Leave Ashland MA and drive 335 miles to Wilkes Barre PA. Free Overnight dry camping overnight at the WalMart Super Center. There are very few options for RV’ers this time of year in the Northeast. No campgrounds are open and free stops are few and far between!
  • Day 2 Monday, November 20
  • Drive 220 miles to the Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, VA. The overnight reservation I made for a pull-through site with full hook-ups will give me a chance to de-winterize Wild Thing and get her tanks filled with water.
  • Day 3 Tuesday, November 21
  • Drive 309 miles to Walmart Super Center Bristol, VA. Free Overnight dry camping.
  • Day 4 and 5 Wednesday, November 22 and Thursday, Nov 23
  • Drive 342 miles to Tanbark Campground Dickson, TN (full hook-ups). Stay Wed November 22, Thursday, November 23 Thanksgiving, and leave Friday, November 24. I had hoped to get a bit closer to Nashville but many campgrounds in the area are already booked up because of the holiday. I will have to come back another time to visit Nashville.
  • Day 6 Friday November 24
  • Drive 209 miles to Forrest City, AR. Stay Free Overnight at Walmart Super Center dry camping.
  • Day 7, 8, 9 Saturday, November 25, Sunday, Nov 26, Monday, Nov 27
  • Drive 334 miles to Sequoyah State Park Hulbert OK (near Tulsa). Visit with the Jones Family (my sister-in-law Jane and her family) Sat, Sun, Mon. Leave on Tuesday, Nov 28
  • Day 10 Tuesday November 28
  • Drive 260 miles to Walmart Super Center Elk City, OK. Free Overnight dry camping.
  • Day 11 Wed November 29
  • Drive 320 miles to Santa Rosa, NM. Free Overnight at Pilot/Loves Truck Stop or if I find I want services, I could stay at Santa Rosa RV Park and Campground. No reservation made at this time, I’m going to play it by ear.
  • Day 12 Thursday, November 30
  • Drive 266 miles to Truth or Consequences, NM where there are plenty of options for camping: 10 campgrounds, a state park and places for free overnight. No reservation made at this time, I’m going to play it by ear.
  • Day 13 Friday, December 1
  • Drive 300 miles to Gilbert Ray Campground in Tucson and hope they have a spot open for me. This is a first come-first served campground. If they are full, there are many other options in the area. I am working on a list that I will share later.

Of course, all of this is subject to change along the way but for a trip across the country, I like to have a plan. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates and the snow stays away a few more weeks!

Clam House and Winterizing… Winter is Coming!

The ability to switch gears and adapt to changing conditions is a helpful trait to have in general but I’d venture to say it’s an essential one for the RV owner. I originally had a rather easy day planned for today and then I heard the weather report!

The day began as planned, Glen and I set up my new Clam Screen Shelter to be sure it worked as advertised. I ordered the Clam Quick Set Screen Shelter with the intention of using it as a mobile art studio where I can set up a sewing machine or an easel and spend the day creating while I’m on the road. A screen room could also be a good way to keep Dexter safe and contained while I’m creating and allow him room to roam. The Clam is a generous 140″ x 140″ and is lightweight (34 lbs). It folds and stores quite compactly and was easy to set up. Once out of the bag, the 5 sides of the shelter pop out with the tug of a strap on the center hub. Once the sides are out, a simple push up of the center hub pops the top into position. It was very fast to assemble and although Glen was helping me, I could have managed on my own. The only downside to this screen house is that even when disassembled, it is too long to fit in the cab of the truck and will need to be stored in the bed of the truck. When the camper is hitched to the truck bed, the Tonneau cover must be rolled up leaving the truck bed open.  During those times, I’ll need to store it in the center aisle of the camper until I reach my destination and unhitch. I think it’s going to be worth the hassle to store. I’m very pleased with this screen house and I think it will work well as a mobile art studio!

I then spent a few hours at the camper sorting the clothes I took on my maiden voyage and culling out those I found I didn’t need. On my way to meet a friend for lunch, I heard the weather forecast indicating a hard freeze prediction for tonight. Yikes! I had hoped that I would be on the road before the temps got that low. I’d need to switch gears and spend the afternoon winterizing Wild Thing to protect the water lines from damage caused by freezing.

After lunch and a chat with my friend Cheryl,  I drove to Harbor Freight Tools to get the 1-1/16″ socket wrench I needed to remove the Hot Water Heater Anode Plug and drain the water from the hot water heater. While there I found the Pittsburg Portable Inflation Device. I hoped this might work to blow out the water lines. This is a 12v device, so I also purchased a 12v extension cord to help me access the 12v outlet on the exterior of the camper which is located on the opposite side of the camper from the hot water heater. I purchased several gallons of RV/Marine Antifreeze (non-toxic) at Walmart and with these supplies in hand I was ready to winterize.

Winterizing involves draining all water from the camper including the holding tanks (black and gray), the fresh water tank, and the hot water heater. Any residual water must also be removed from the water lines and antifreeze added to the drains to protect the water in the P-traps from freezing.

I had emptied the black and gray tanks before arriving home and had drained the fresh water tank before taking the camper in for service.  To drain the hot water heater, I first bypassed the water heater using the bypass valves located under the dinette bench seat. I was then ready to drain water from the hot water tank by removing the anode plug. When you do this be sure to open the pressure relief valve before removing the anode plug. I failed to do this and it resulted in a rather abrupt spray of water when the anode came loose.  I got quite a bath and likely won’t forget that step again! Once the water has drained from the hot water tank, I applied Teflon tape to the threads on the anode, replace it, and closed the pressure relief valve.

There are two ways to remove water from the lines  One is by blowing the water from the lines then adding RV antifreeze to the drains which will protect the P-traps from freezing.  The second way is to aspirate antifreeze into the water lines to force residual water out and then again adding antifreeze to the drains.

I was hoping that the inflation device I purchased would work to blow the lines clear since this seemed to be a cleaner process and used less antifreeze. Before attempting the blow out procedure, I fitted the freshwater port with my water hose pressure regulator to be sure that the pressure stayed within acceptable limits and an RV blowout plug. The 12v extension cord did not work so I had to find an alternate 12v plug to operate the inflation device. The truck has a 12v outlet but I could not park it close enough to the camper to use it. I was finally able to access a 12v plug inside the camper near the rear dinette by opening the window and removing the screen! With Glen’s help, we were able to use the inflation device to blow out all the water lines.

Each water line must be cleared of both the hot and cold water by turning on first one tap until all the water is out and air flows through the line, then closing that tap and turning on the other to repeat the process. This cycle is repeated for the kitchen sink (hot and cold), bathroom sink (hot and cold), shower head (hot and cold), toilet, and outside shower (hot and cold). Once this was done, I poured RV/Marine Antifreeze (non-toxic) into the kitchen sink drain, the bathroom sink drain, the shower drain, and the toilet to fill the P-traps.  I used one gallon of antifreeze shared between these 4 drains.

Wild Thing is equipped with a winterizing T-Valve that will allow me to use the camper water pump to aspirate RV Antifreeze into the water lines to force the water out. This method would leave the lines full of antifreeze ensuring that they would not freeze, but then to reverse the process, the antifreeze in the lines would need to be flushed out with water. This is not a problem, but I prefer to have the lines blown clear. It just seems a bit simpler. When I’m out of freezing temperatures, I’ll reverse the winterizing process by filling the fresh water tank, taking the hot water heater off bypass, and using the pump to fill the hot water tank and the lines with water again. this process should be simplified since the lines are not full of antifreeze. The small amount of antifreeze in the P-traps will be pushed into the holding tanks as freshwater flows through the system and dumped when I empty the holding tanks.

In light of the change in the weather, I’m adjusting my travel dates by reverting to my original plan to leave on Sunday, November 19th. I’ll enjoy an early Thanksgiving celebration with the boys then get going south so I can settle in before the snows come! Although I hadn’t planned to winterize Wild Thing today, I’m glad it happened so I now have the equipment, knowledge, and experience I need to take care of my camper in cold weather.

New Blog Contact Cards

I’ve designed a new Blog Contact card today and they are being printed by I have used their services for business cards and found that they provide a quality product at a good price and they are fast! It’s nice to have a card to share with people you meet on the road. The photo of Wild Thing is one I took in Post Falls, Idaho and of course Mr. Dexter always looks dapper. This is just a snapshot I took with my phone then edited out the background in Adobe Photoshop. What do you think?

Storage Solutions for the Camper

Living in a small space could be an exercise in frustration if the things living in that small space with you are allowed to run amok! I believe a happy camper is an organized camper and OK, I admit it,  I have a thing for organizing. I’m kind of a bag lady. I love pouches, folders, boxes, totes, and tins. I don’t however, always stay organized.  In fact, I do my most creative work in a flurry of disorganized chaos.  But when the dust (and paint, and yarn, and fabric) settles, I find it soothing and satisfying to put things in order.

One of the easiest ways to organize is to contain.  Consolidating like items and storing them together in a dedicated container makes finding and accessing them easy.  I have been scouring the local houseware stores for just the right storage boxes to help me organize the stuff I’ll be bringing on my travels in Wild Thing. I measured the cabinets before my shopping trip so I was able to select containers that would not only fit in the space they were intended for, but also make the best use of that space. I try to use every inch of available storage real estate to it’s best advantage. The better I’m able to use the space, the more craft supplies I can pack! Rather than putting my stuff into storage containers and then trying to fit those containers into the available space, I’m purchasing containers that fit the space, then deciding what items will be stored in each container. This should help me use the space most efficiently.

I found some boxes at TJ Maxx that fit the upper cabinets in the dining area well. They are constructed of a sturdy wire frame covered in woven strips of nylon webbing. They have a hinged lid and are quite lightweight. Weight is an important consideration when packing a trailer since there are limits to the weight a camper can accommodate. I would rather that the bulk of the weight I add come from the items I’m bringing, not the container in which they will be stored.

After visiting three different TJ Maxx and HomeGoods stores in my area I was able to find enough of these boxes to use in the dining area cabinets as well as some of the same style, but a larger size for the two wardrobe cabinets. The boxes I used in the dining area measured 12″ x 10″ x 5.5. I placed 4 in the back cabinet and two in the driver side cabinet with room left over for books. In the passenger side dinette cabinet, I have an assortment of small boxes containing a variety of electronic equipment. If I can find more of the larger boxes I will use them here as well.

In the open wardrobe I used 1 large box (16″ x 14″ x 7) and 4 medium sized boxes (14″ x 12″ x 6.5″). I had one tipped on its side in this photo to show the easy way to place them in the cabinet. I also used two large boxes and a medium box in the wardrobe on the other side of the camper. These boxes were from Dwell Studio, Enchante Accessories, and Michael Graves. I found some of these boxes in the aisle containing storage solutions, but I also found some in the Kids section and in the laundry supply section.

Storage Boxes in Passenger Side Wardrobe

The cabinet over the microwave is a nice large space but things stored there tended to migrate to the back and were difficult to retrieve. I found a storage bin in the Kids section of HomeGoods that was just the right size to store bulky items like my tablecloths, paper towels, and toilet paper rolls and still leaves space for other items to be stored in front.


Another consideration in the camper is keeping glass bottles from falling over and breaking as the camper bumps down the road. I found this nifty little storage box that has three compartments to safely store my jar of honey, oil, vinegar and a nip of libation! This box fits in the lower cabinet near the floor. Aren’t the flowers that Glen brought me beautiful? What a guy!

Another great find available at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods are the over-the-door towel rack and over-the-door storage basket. I have towel racks on both the pantry door and the cabinet under the sink. I placed the basket on the cabinet under the sink and use it to store my dish and hand soaps, sink scrubbers, sink strainer, and pot holders.

Things are coming along nicely and soon I’ll be packed, organized, and back on the road!

Wild Thing Production Photos #6 Update

At long last Wild Thing has her graphics! What a beautiful sight!

Wild Thing #6 Exterior Graphics

The interior is coming along nicely too! Only 7 more days until she’s complete!

Wild Thing Interior Rear #6

Wild Thing Interior Forward #6

Wild Thing’s Hope Chest

So what is in all those bins I’m bringing across the country?

I started a “hope chest” shortly after ordering the trailer last November and have slowly been filling it with things for my tiny home. Do you remember hope chests? They were traditionally a large wooden chest used to gather special linens, clothing, and household items by young women in anticipation of future marriage. In the 1970’s, my older sisters had cedar hope chests from the Lane Furniture Company and I although I was too young for one at the time, I  dreamed of someday filling my own.  By the time I was old enough to think about getting one we had moved to Texas and the tradition was lost. Although I used plastic bins instead of a cedar chest and I’m not anticipating a marriage, I do feel connected to the spirit of the old tradition as I gather supplies for my adventures in Wild Thing!

Here’s some of what I’ve been packing:

Coffee Press and Grinder for Wild thing


I do love coffee, especially in the early morning around a campsite!  Since I plan to dry camp quite a bit, I wanted an option to make coffee without electricity.  I purchased this Bodum French Coffee Press and JavaPresse Manual Burr Coffee Grinder on  I will easily be able to boil water on my propane stove or campfire when boondocking and grinding the beans just takes a few cranks on the grinder.



I’ve gathered supplies for the kitchen: Plates, Cups, Bowls, Silverware, Knives, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Storage Bowls, Napkins, Pot Holders (thank you sister Becky!), Clips, Can Opener, Peeler, Ice Cube Trays, Picnic Tablecloth and Clips, Wine Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, Placemats, Serving Spoons, Jar Opener.

I found much of what I needed for the kitchen at Home Goods. Their prices are great and they have a good selection of the basics. I found the dishes at Kohl’s and the collapsible storage containers on our trip to Seattle earlier this year. I’ve been on the lookout for Wild Thing supplies for months!

Pots and Pans, Bakeware, a Tiny Trash Can, Oven Thermometer, Cheese Grater,

…and Shower Shoes (how did they end up in this picture??)







Fresh Saver Vacuum Sealer and Bags (Thank you for the idea Lucy!), Vegetable Steamer, Batteries, Broom and Dustpan, Shelf Liner, and two gizmos for the water connection: An elbow to make the hose connection to the trailer easier and a gadget called the Water Bandit that will help make a tight seal when connecting the fresh water hose to the source at the trailer park. I love inexpensive gadgets that make life easier!



My dear husband Steve gave me this sign for Wild Thing, what a guy! Dexter has been a big help with packing. He will be staying home with Steve while I make this first cross country trip to pick up the trailer. He thinks it’s best for me to keep my focus on driving the trailer until I am proficient handling the new rig but he will stay busy while I’m gone packing his bags for the winter adventure!



Wild Thing will have a queen sized bed in the loft. I’m prepared with sheets, pillows, blankets, mattress pad and pillow protectors.  I’m working on a quilt for the bed but it will take a few months to complete. It will be a good project for the road.




Every adventurous girl needs her own tools…I’ve got a good basic kit ready to go as well as some specialty tools for the trailer. My DH also bought me this nifty air gun that is battery operated in case I need to add air to the tires on the fly! RV GPS, 4 way Leveler and Verizon Jet Pack (my own personal wifi router!)


I’m also bringing a propane grill. I chose the compact Weber Q1200 Portable Propane Grill (in red of course) and found it on sale at Camping World. It will run off the propane from the trailer using a quick connect hose attachment I’m having built in Wild Thing.

Weber Q 1200 Portable Propane Grill


I’m also bringing a Samsung 24″ Smart TV from Best Buy that Escape Trailer will install on a wall mounted arm in the loft. They are also installing a King Jack Anntena on the roof so I can pick up digital TV on the go. The girl has to keep up with her Outlander (swoon!).




I also purchased a 20″ RTIC Cooler. This little cooler keeps ice for days! It will be perfect to store food for the trip to Chilliwack and then I will use it for day trips when I’m out adventuring! The price was much more reasonable than other coolers of the same type and it performs just as well.


Dexter loves my new camping chair from Kermit! It is sturdy and comfortable and made from beautiful hardwood and canvas. It is easy to break down and fits in a small storage bag when not in use. The little table is aluminum and very lightweight. It also folds for easy storage.

Storage for Wild Thing



And speaking of storage, here are a few things I hope will help me stay organized in the trailer. Notice the stylish bags Steve got for Dexter’s toys! Dexter will be traveling in style!



Wild Thing Supplies



I’m bringing gadgets and gizmos and of course Duct Tape! Well, that’s not everything, but it’s a glimpse into what I have stuffed in the back of the truck!




I still need to add art supplies, photography equipment, snacks, a few books, and my computer.

Now I think you can see why this will be the “shake down” trip! I’m sure after spending a few weeks in the trailer working my way across the USA I’ll figure out what I really don’t need …and what I have forgotten!

Only 3 days to go…I’ve got the truck mostly packed and just a few errands to run today… dental floss, batteries, a few more things from the art studio…